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Refit of Imagine Heaven completed.

Posted on 27/07/2016
A Pocket Superyacht refit requires a detailed approach.        Article in The Islander Magazine August 2016 In the past we have brought new life to older Pocket Superyachts with a very hands-on approach. Due its scale, our role in the refit of “Imagine Heaven” shifted more towards project management without forgetting what made us successful in previous projects. The owner of the 65ft Yapluka Catamaran had initially contacted us with a request for crew.
Brexit offers opportunities for the Yachting industry. By no means am I an expert on the topic of Brexit so I am probably not qualified to write about it. But checking my Facebook today I felt sorry for all my British friends who are appalled by the outcome. From my observations it seems that Brits who live abroad, travel or have travelled extensively are all “remain” voters. So on this historical day I want to cheer
The reasoning behind value for money. How confusing it can be for crew to understand the spending behaviour of the Pocket Superyacht owner. The owner is obviously financially well off and spends money in a truly irrational way. On a yacht! To name but one example. But there is a difference between rational and emotional value for money. One day the captain finds himself in a huge yacht chandlery, a bit like a Toy’s Are Us
The multifaceted job of yacht crew couples on Pocket Superyachts. Great news for Invisible Crew as the niche of 50ft to 100ft luxury yachts a.k.a. Pocket Superyachts is on the rise. (60ft is the new 50ft by the way) Unfortunately it seems to become harder and harder to find those yacht crew couples  that have the knowledge, experience and passion to run these type of yachts. We are always looking for the full package. Especially for

Pocket Superyachts? What’s that?

Posted on 26/05/2016
It’s time to identify the market of Pocket Superyachts. The term Pocket Superyachts has been around for a number of years. We’re not even sure who came up with it. It is a great and sexy term for the 50ft to 80ft yachts that are run by professional crew and maintained to the highest standards, which we refer to as Superyacht standards. Looking around the Mediterranean marinas it is apparent that this is a huge

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