It was supposed to be fun!

It’s really exciting to work with people who are serious about purchasing a yacht or already have a yacht in build. Prior to buying a yacht there are the dreams and the plans. The budget is the catalyst that makes the dream turn into a plan. At that early stage everything needs to be dreamed up. The colour of the hull, the toys, the fabrics and interior colour schemes and of course, the cruising plan and many other things. It takes professional guidance from people like us to make sure educated choices are made. We also make sure the less exciting items are taken care of. Such as the captain’s phone and laptop and the data contract to go with it. The crew bank accounts, the maintenance plan, the marina bookings, the uniforms etcetera. Then comes the day when everything materialises. The yacht is commissioned, the crew steps on board, the gear is loaded on, procedures are in place, owners and guests step on board for their first holiday and the lines are thrown off! Some owners have experience owning a yacht. Some even have experience owning a crewed yacht. Some owners have no experience at all. Whichever category they are in, if they are going at […]

Invisible personalities.

You can’t deny it, “Invisible Crew” is a catchy name for a company. Hear it once and you won’t forget it anymore. Once in a while it concerns crew: “What do you mean? Do you want us to be invisible on a -30m yacht?” Of course not! On the contrary, I would (almost) say… The idea is that we match you with the owner, program, yacht that will experience your presence as… non intrusive. Or, better said, as part of the program. It is not at all about being as quiet as possible and hiding out of sight as much as possible. The crew adds the bright colours to the holiday on board. Like that waiter you know. The one who clearly remembers your face, if not your name, and always presents the menu and the food with a certain flair that is part of his personality. Because we use personality tests as part of our detailed selection process, we know that many -not all- of our most successful crew members have an extraverted element to their personality. They are not invisible at all! However, they do know how to do the hardest part of running a Pocket Superyacht, which […]