5 reasons why crewing Pocket Superyachts is tricky

Pocket Superyachts are luxury yachts between 15 and 30 meters run to superyacht standards. They have complex technical systems providing comfort on board. The owners desire a service that is similar to what you find on super yachts. But that is a tall order because of a number of reasons.

5 of which, I’ve listed below.

1. All round skill set
Due to the size of Pocket Superyachts the number of crew can go from as little as one single skipper to maximum 4. We work mostly with couples.
That means that the Stewardess is also the Chef as well as the first mate and often she takes on the expense reports and a few other administrative
tasks. The captain is also the engineer. That’s not simply looking after diesel engines but also after electrics, electronics, hydraulics, watermakers, and so on… The crew are also the owners representatives often forced to make decisions in the owners names. We offer our crews support with professional knowledge and sometimes, simply, a second, reassuring opinion.

2. Adventurous / Responsible
The crews on these yachts have to be adventurous enough to pack their bags, move on board and work anywhere in the world for 11 months a
year. At the same time they have to be level headed and mature enough to carry the responsibility over a multi million Euro craft. That is a rare combination of personality traits and we’ve become well versed at selecting these.

3. Personal / professional
Owners spend some of their most relaxed days of the year on board. Some owners can become quite chummy with their crew. It’s a natural effect when you are sharing the amazing experiences with each other that yachting offers. However, at no point can the crews lose track of their responsibilities even when they get lured into the guests and owners relaxed state of mind. Again, this requires a certain intelligence and personality. It’s something that can be learned so as managers we have included this potential pitfall in our briefing to both owners and crew.

4. Inexperienced owners / Inexperienced crew
Two wrongs don’t make a right. While we are always looking for crew that posses the right amount of experience, these yachts will always be a stepping stone for those who want to grow their careers in yachting. We’ve had most success with candidates who are taking a good step up with the job we offer. At the same time these yachts are an entry level for owners who have never employed crew before. So our role is to guide both parties.

5. Life on pause
Another reason why longevity over 2 years is hard to achieve is that the crew has to put their social life on pause. This is not just a job it is a life. That means that you are dedicating your life to the yacht, its guest and owners. The traveling and the variety that comes with the job is amazing but only for so long… Once some crew have missed their brother’s
wedding, their niece’s first birthday or their home team winning the title, the appeal van start to wear off… With the support that we offer we aim to offer solutions that can increase longevity. Working out a rotation scheme or offering quality stand-in crew so the permanent crew can attend an important event can make a big difference.

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