Has social media taken over from the crew agent?

Guest blog post by Danielle Berclouw When I left my Amsterdam flat to head out to sunny Mallorca in order to ‘seek my fortune on a super yacht’ all those 14(!) years ago I was armed with my Nokia phone the size and weight of a brick and a floppy disk(!) in case I’d need to print out some more CV’s.. In Palma I’d check my email in a smelly internet cafe and make my calls from a phone booth hoping whichever Captain I was speaking to would run out of questions before I’d run out of clinking coins.. Linked-in was little known, Facebook still far off from being invented and Tweeting still something only little birds did.. Now, of course I have a sleek and shiny MacBook air which weighs less than my phone did then, a teeny, tiny USB stick, an iPhone that can tell me where I am, what the weather’s like in ‘Wagga Wagga’ and what the meaning of the word ‘williwaw’ is. Photo Credit: User:Jjborcean Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported I’m Wassaping, Skyping, Tweeting, Texting, Foursquaring and Facebooking all at the same time! I’m mostly on Facebook which is also how I often find […]

Why Pocket Superyachts are highly important for the whole industry.

My visit to the 2017 Cannes Boatshow can be categorised as a success. I considered myself very lucky that my hairdresser had availability when I walked in without appointment the day before flying to the Côte d’Azur. Because, madre mía, the waterfront avenue Le Croisette is a very Dolce Vita affair! Looking at all the people in the ridiculously long entrance queue (due to a poorly organised security check) one could assume that the show was welcoming a serious clientele. On day 4 of the show, the head of sales of a very successful Pocket Superyacht brand whispered to me in French that they sold 2 yachts on the show. I spoke to a lot of sales representatives and brokers. They all had one or three prospects in the pipeline. And most importantly, they seemed relieved to learn about Invisible Crew’s services! Really, relieved! One of them looked like he had been waiting for me his whole life! That made me chuckle. But they are absolutely right to be concerned. Established brands seem to be selling with relative ease. New brands in the 50ft to 80ft range are popping up left, right and center. And existing brands that used to […]