Rock Star Yacht Crew!

I’ve said it literally to some of the crew I have worked with; “You’re a rock star!” And it’s true. Crew are just like rock stars. They have to make sure everything looks glamorous. They have to perform a great show and make sure the show goes, on at all times. But rockstars need good management. The role of the management is to find them gigs, make sure the venues are up to standard, the promotor / client is a reliable person to work with,… basically making sure that all elements are in place for the Rock Stars to perform at their best. The manager also makes sure that signed contracts are in place and clear to all parties. The (road)manager will make sure that, even in the middle of the show, the Rock Stars are handed the props they need to make the show an unforgettable success. The big applaus comes from the audience, not so much from the manager but the Rock Star knows why the manager is there. Directly and indirectly, the manager makes the Rock Star’s life easier. He also encourages the Stars to do better, to work on certain points and helps them to remain inspired. In the lime light (translate […]