Rock Star Yacht Crew!

I’ve said it literally to some of the crew I have worked with; “You’re a rock star!” And it’s true. Crew are just like rock stars. They have to make sure everything looks glamorous. They have to perform a great show and make sure the show goes, on at all times.

But rockstars need good management. The role of the management is to find them gigs, make sure the venues are up to standard, the promotor / client is a reliable person to work with,… basically making sure that all elements are in place for the Rock Stars to perform at their best. The manager also makes sure that signed contracts are in place and clear to all parties. The (road)manager will make sure that, even in the middle of the show, the Rock Stars are handed the props they need to make the show an unforgettable success.

The big applaus comes from the audience, not so much from the manager but the Rock Star knows why the manager is there. Directly and indirectly, the manager makes the Rock Star’s life easier. He also encourages the Stars to do better, to work on certain points and helps them to remain inspired.

In the lime light (translate as the beating summer sun) it is easy to forget the whole picture and understand what it is all about. Is it all just decadent luxury where stress levels, from the people on- and behind the scenes, are raised for reasons that are actually the epitome of 1st world problems and aren’t problems at all?

Or will the Manager remind the Stars that these performances are inspiring, lasting memories, touching the hearts of the fans?

From the age of 15 until I went into yachting I was a roadie for an 11 piece band with the best session musicians in Belgium, so I’ve seen it all first hand. It’s there that I got hooked on the rush you get when the show must go on and, together, you succeed at it. Even when dealing with technical failures or singers falling off the stage (long story).

With Invisible Crew we always make the show go on too. Although we work for the clients and with the crew, we do what we can to make sure the crew can perform their job to the highest standard. Issues are discussed and solved behind the scenes. And just like people attending a concert of their favourite artist, the owners and their guests can be assured that their Pocket Superyacht is a happy place.

…they’ve been coming to “sea” to forget about life for a while… (B. Joel)

Jens Oomes (article featured in The Islander magazine August 2017)