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Crew Careers at Invisible Crew.

Posted on 30/04/2022
Human beings, generally speaking, don’t like change. This should become even more true when we’re talking about employment. For the 99% of people in the world employed in land based jobs, this generally means that their employment is geographically determined. In other words, they have to find the best job possible near home. Yacht crew don’t have these geographical chains that limit their options. Additionally, the yachting industry suffers from a lack of quality crew.
Ever since I started in the yachting industry 16 years ago -and probably before- there has been talk of a shortage in quality crew. I am not convinced that much has been done about it. In fact, I feel the problem has been made worse for several reasons. The most obvious one being the sheer numbers of yachts ordered and build. Also, yachtmaster licenses which -with enough miles in your logbook- can be obtained in

It was supposed to be fun!

Posted on 31/01/2022
It’s really exciting to work with people who are serious about purchasing a yacht or already have a yacht in build. Prior to buying a yacht there are the dreams and the plans. The budget is the catalyst that makes the dream turn into a plan. At that early stage everything needs to be dreamed up. The colour of the hull, the toys, the fabrics and interior colour schemes and of course, the cruising plan and

Invisible personalities.

Posted on 04/01/2022
You can’t deny it, “Invisible Crew” is a catchy name for a company. Hear it once and you won’t forget it anymore. Once in a while it concerns crew: “What do you mean? Do you want us to be invisible on a -30m yacht?” Of course not! On the contrary, I would (almost) say… The idea is that we match you with the owner, program, yacht that will experience your presence as… non intrusive. Or,
Yacht crew are adventurous, brave people per definition. Otherwise they would never think of packing their bags to go and work in a foreign country on a ship that sails the high seas, manned by people they don’t know and have various nationalities. Therefore security, certainty, predictability don’t have the highest ranking on their list of needs. At the same time, most crew contracts -even long term- aren’t very different from a freelance contract. Rarely