Our Pocket Superyacht Management Application is now available!

Our Pocket Superyacht Management Application is now available! Just like last month we can share an exciting development at Invisible Crew. In the January issue of the Islander we announced that our training “How to (find) work on Pocket Superyachts.” will start this year. At the time when this issue appears our first online sessions will be in full swing. We are proud to let you know that our Pocket Superyacht Management Application is finally tested and ready! Simple and relevant. We have developed an easy-to-use and relevant web application that allows owners and crew to keep a close eye on the crew’s and yacht’s paperwork, the yacht’s maintenance schedule, the budget and expenses and its calendar. After lots of research and testing over the past few years we realised about 13 months ago that none of the existing ships management systems were fully relevant to Pocket Superyachts. They were too bulky. They contained a lot of segments related to regulations that don’t apply to smaller yachts. We also looked at corporate CRM systems. Again, containing too many irrelevant bells and whistles on one hand and important features missing on the other, it was just not going to work. The […]


“How to (find) work on Pocket Superyachts” Training starting up this year!

Happy New Year to all the Islander readers! It’s going to be an exciting year at Invisible Crew. In fact the last 3 months of ’17 have been very exciting, indeed! Since we launched our new brochure and website our service offer is now resonating pitch-perfect with our market, the Pocket Superyacht Owners. But that’s not even the most exciting part!   The AHA Moment! For the last 7 years I have been breaking my head over how we can train yachties to become truly professional Pocket Superyacht Crew. My biggest concern was that people would not want to pay for yet another course after they’ve done their Basic Safety and Yacht master courses. These are the only two certificates that are officially required to skipper a Pocket Superyacht and as important as they are, they don’t prepare you for the full extent of the job. An extremely multi-facetted job that requires an understanding and knowledge on: • Owners: Who are they, how do they behave and communicate, what do they expect, how to represent their interests? • Charters: What is the position of the charter brokers, how to work with them, how to offer great service on board, how […]