Happy 2021 from Invisible Crew

You know that feeling when you get caught in bad weather… The crew and the yacht are suffering. The boat slams in the waves. She is moving sideways more than forward. Every time your body warms up again, another wave with icy cold water comes over and soaks you to the bones. If you could step off, you would. But you can’t. So you just have to grit your teeth and roll with the punches. I first experienced this when I was 12 years old, crossing the North Sea from the UK. The feeling of gratitude once we sailed in between the piers of Nieuwpoort Belgium, with the waves subsiding; this was what made it all worthwhile. I wish everyone that feeling in 2021!!! No need to mention that it has been a crazy year. But I am very hopeful for the future. Those working in the yachting industry are incredibly lucky and if they played their cards right, just a little bit, they will have kept their heads above the water. I want to thank all Invisible Crew’s clients for their loyalty and the crews for their great work. I am also very proud to have signed up two […]