5 reasons why Brexit is good for the industry.

Brexit offers opportunities for the Yachting industry. By no means am I an expert on the topic of Brexit so I am probably not qualified to write about it. But checking my Facebook today I felt sorry for all my British friends who are appalled by the outcome. From my observations it seems that Brits who live abroad, travel or have travelled extensively are all “remain” voters. So on this historical day I want to cheer up my disappointed British friends by sharing my creativity and showing the opportunities that this result offers. 1. More First Mate positions will open up. The great amount of yachts registered under the British ensign will need extra hands on deck. With every (European) port they enter, the Q-flag will have to be raised before checking in with the authorities. The Captain will not be able to do that, or the final bit of navigation himself. He will have to take the hour before arrival to organise crew lists and all other paperwork in addition to a yoga session. The yoga session is necessary to prepare for the frustrating challenge that lies ahead. During the 3 hours that the captain is gone to check in, the first […]

Value for money on board a Pocket Superyacht.

The reasoning behind value for money. How confusing it can be for crew to understand the spending behaviour of the Pocket Superyacht owner. The owner is obviously financially well off and spends money in a truly irrational way. On a yacht! To name but one example. But there is a difference between rational and emotional value for money. One day the captain finds himself in a huge yacht chandlery, a bit like a Toy’s Are Us for sea-going adults. He’s got the yacht’s credit card in his hand. He feels like he is holding a loaded gun and he is surrounded by targets. He has the opportunity to live his fantasy and buy everything he ever wanted. In his head he tries to justify what he wants to spend. Surely life is easier and the boat is safer if you have spare parts for… everything and the galley sink. The guests will surely love to use every toy that Budget Marine sells. Fishing will turn into catching if we have more than one carbon fibre rod and specific lures for every contour line on the chart. A week earlier, the owner was presented with three price quotations for a new mainsail. […]

Yacht crew couples on Pocket Superyachts.

The multifaceted job of yacht crew couples on Pocket Superyachts. Great news for Invisible Crew as the niche of 50ft to 100ft luxury yachts a.k.a. Pocket Superyachts is on the rise. (60ft is the new 50ft by the way) Unfortunately it seems to become harder and harder to find those yacht crew couples  that have the knowledge, experience and passion to run these type of yachts. We are always looking for the full package. Especially for sail yachts, the variety of skills and knowledge required is vast. The captain of a 70ft luxury-charter-sail-yacht has got to be (in no specific order of priority) a good navigator, boat handler, engineer, people’s person, communicator, negotiator, accountant, doctor, waiter, water sports instructor, safety officer, sailing instructor, dishwasher and more… He’s got to have the energy to get up before the guests to chamois the deck, serve breakfast, prepare the water toys, take the guests snorkelling, check the engine, raise the anchor, hoist the main, plot a course, drive the boat, (or even more tiring, assist the guests while they are helming), drop anchor, shake cocktails, take the kids on the ringo or knee- or wakeboard, set the dinner table, unblock the toilet, (wash his hands!) […]