Refit of Imagine Heaven completed.

A Pocket Superyacht refit requires a detailed approach.        In the past we have brought new life to older Pocket Superyachts with a very hands-on approach. Due its scale, our role in the refit of “Imagine Heaven” shifted more towards project management without forgetting what made us successful in previous projects. The owner of the 65ft Yapluka Catamaran had initially contacted us with a request for crew. In our first meeting he mentioned that he was about to embark on a refit project of his 7 year old yacht. We explained him how we could assist. We understand that between the job description of the project manager and the planned work list of the yard, there are a few small but nonetheless important jobs that need doing. This requires a flexible and at times hands-on approach if you truly want to be the clients eyes and ears on site. This caught his attention as a Dutch company had refused the work just days before, stating that they don’t deal with yachts below 44 meters. They turned away a client who wanted to apply superyacht standards to his Pocket superyacht. The very busy but very enthusiastic client was clear in […]