Are the Pocket Superyacht owners employers or clients?

In our online course “How To Find Work On Pocket Superyachts” we are offering ways for Pocket Superyacht crews to increase their professional approach. This is why we discuss the question:

Are the owners employers or clients?

In theory, the owners are your employers but: what happens if you look at them as your clients? -And for now, I am not talking about the type of contract you have with them-

What is the difference?

An employer does not only pay your salary, he or she will give you instructions and feedback, have staff meetings with you, evaluate your work and help to improve your performance where possible. Clients, however, hire you because you are an expert in your field and because you know -better than them- how to perform the job. They expect to do much less follow up. And this is exactly the point. When owners come on board their yacht, the last thing they want is another staff meeting or looking into the operations and evaluating them.

How do I know that?

Because, this is exactly the service that we offer with Invisible Crew Management. We keep owners at bay from the organisation and the hassle around the operations of their yacht. But we found that these services are not for every Pocket Superyacht owner. Some owners feel that they might not be involved enough if they contract our services.

Our services are geared towards keeping ownership hassle-free. But many new owners don’t expect much hassle when they buy a yacht. They think that that’s the whole point; you buy a yacht to add pleasure to your life. Unfortunately that makes it hard for us to help, exactly those owners who need us the most.

They will go and find crew on their own and hopefully they find really good crew that are experts and keep the hassle away from them. But if there is no training available this is extremely difficult to find. So this is why we hope to create more experts with our course. And that’s why we have integrated a module in this course on how to set up your own network and score your own jobs without the help of Invisible Crew Management. With the knowledge that you’ll posses after this course I sincerely hope that we solve that issue for those owners that we can’t help via Invisible crew Management.

I hear you thinking: “So you want to put yourself out of business? That doesn’t make sense.” Well, IC is a boutique business and we can only help about 10 owners at a time with high-quality support. There will always be 10 owners who would still feel more comfortable with having our management services involved.

So that’s a first interview hack I will share with you.

If you have the actual expertise to back it up, tell the owners that you regard them as your clients, not as your employers. Those who complete our course and put in the work will posses a wealth of expertise as well as the professional framework that is part of our offer, to confidently set themselves apart from other crew.

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– Jens Oomes

Article featured in The Islander magazine, August 2018