Lots of yachts on show, but can we offer the best experience?

This month we’ll see 78 (!) 20m to 30m yachts at the Cannes Yachting Festival, a dozen Pocket Superyacht brands at the Southampton Boat Show and even the Monaco Yacht Show, traditionally a super- and mega yacht show, will host a handful of -100ft luxury yacht brands.
These yachts offer more than just sailing. So naturally, these owners expect their crews to offer more than just sailing too.
But what exactly is it that they require and who’s going to offer it?
Yacht builders are investing huge amounts of time and money in their designers and engineers to come up with solutions to make the owners experience a spectacular one.
Meanwhile, everybody who is familiar with this industry knows that an owner or guest experience is -at least- equally dependent on the quality of the crew.


  • Where are we going to find the crews to man these yachts to the expected standards?
  • Where can crew learn how to meet those expected standards, or even learn what those standards are?
  • If we can’t meet these new owners expectations, how can we expect them to stay, further invest in our industry and step up to bigger yachts?
  • What is it that the sales people on the aforementioned yacht shows will tell prospective owners?
  • Will they warn them for the pitfalls associated with employing permanent crew?
  • How easy is it for ambitious aspiring crew to start and grow in this industry?
  • How easy is it for inexperienced owners to find the right crew?
  • Do we have the experience available to offer great experiences?

At Invisible Crew we are so closely involved with crew operations on Pocket Superyachts that these questions are constantly on our agenda. Over the past 8 years we have continuously worked towards solutions. We’re about to make a quantum leap forwards!

At the end of this month we will have our online course “How to (find) work on pocket Superyachts” available for new entries. We have worked with 4 “pilot students” over the last 12 months to teach them everything there is to know about running a Pocket Superyacht. We have tested the quality of the content and how the students absorb and implement it and now it’s ready for publication!
In a second fase we will provide a full training for Stew / Cooks to perform their challenging jobs on board -100ft luxury yachts.
How to work on pocket superyachts logo by invisible crew
We hope that creating Pocket Superyacht experts will improve the ownership experience in the entry level segment of the crewed yachts industry. Additionally we are brainstorming about creating a crash course for owners on everything they need to know when owning a crewed yacht.
If you want to know more about our course, or if you have valuable ideas or opinions, we welcome them via
our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/invisiblecrewyachting or Instagram @invisiblecrew.









Article featured in The Islander magazine, September 2018

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