What is it that Invisible Crew does and why?

Jens Oomes Sailing Captain Pocket superyacht Invisible Crew


Present, History, Future.



We provide worry-free ownership for Pocket Superyacht owners by selecting quality and compatible crew and supporting them with our proven system.

We are working with some amazing crews and some amazing owners who all want to see a higher level of professionalism in the niche of 50ft-100ft luxury yachts. We affectionally call them Pocket Superyachts. The clients want the full service that allows them to enjoy their yacht to the fullest when they are on board while not having to worry at all about it when they are not on board.

We help the crew to a higher level of professionalism by providing a professional frame work. We are their employer, their personal assistant, their representative and their advisor, all rolled into one.

The owners have peace of mind knowing that their carefully selected crew is supported by a system that also provides seamless continuity, should their crew become unable to work. Our maintenance application is just one tool that we use to achieve that. This allows a new crew to step in and understand the detailed maintenance history of the yacht at any time.

We have also started the pilot version of our online course How To (Find) Work On Pocket Superyachts.



Most of the reasons why we do what we do are based on our experience with Pocket Superyachts. As an early twenty something I was employed as captain on a brand new 2,5 million Euro yacht and entered a steep learning curve. I found one or two captains that I trusted with the many “stupid questions” I had. A yachtmaster training is invaluable but there is so much more you need to know before you can run a Pocket Superyacht. I think the owners I worked for saw my genuine intentions to do the best I could and were patient in return. I met at least two other owners who were less patient with their crew that they decided to sell their yacht within 2 years!

Seeing a problem that needed fixing I wrote a mission statement in my notebook: “To streamline and professionalise crew operations on smaller luxury yachts.” Then we got to work.



How to work on pocket superyachts logo by invisible crewThe online course How To (Find) Work On Pocket Superyachts is attracting (young) talents who want to excel as yacht skippers. They want to be educated and supported. They will form a tribe of quality and reliable crew who share the same high work ethics and lift each other to a higher level. Through the course they learn from industry experts in the enormous variety of fields relevant to the job of running a Pocket Superyacht.

They also share their thoughts, network and provide info to each other in the closed community group. They are empowered to find their own jobs through agents and their network and not just through Invisible Crew. And once on board they know either Invisible Crew’s management application or if necessary, our complete management support is available to them, to help them offer owners the highest professional service.

If you want to be part of our mission or have any comments, feel free to get in touchwith us!