Pocket Superyachts? What’s that?

It’s time to identify the market of Pocket Superyachts.

The term Pocket Superyachts has been around for a number of years. We’re not even sure who came up with it. It is a great and sexy term for the 50ft to 80ft yachts that are run by professional crew and maintained to the highest standards, which we refer to as Superyacht standards.

Looking around thPortals Pocket Superyachtse Mediterranean marinas it is apparent that this is a huge market. In a Yachting World article in 2013 Toby Hodges already stated that 60ft is the new 50ft. Yacht builders like Nautor’s Swan, Oyster Marine, Baltic, Discovery and others have provided custom and semi-custom yachts in this range for years. Today we see builders like Jeanneau who have made a name manufacturing serial build smaller yachts, venturing into the semi-custom market with a 64 footer.

Motor yacht builders Princess offer 7 options and  Sunseeker no less than 10 options between 50ft and 80ft.

New building techniques allow buyers to get more boat for theCNB76ir buck. An interesting example is the beautiful CNB76. The interior is built in 3 segments while, at the same time, the hull is being constructed. Once completed the three interior segments are inserted and bonded to the hull. This saves time in the build process and time is… This allowed one of our clients to upgrade from his owner driven 53ft sail yacht to on of these gorgeous Pocket Superyachts with full time Invisible Crew on board.

So while there are a lot of interesting projects going on in this segment. Our experience shows that this market is largely neglected by companies offering yachting services, or at least, by their marketing departments. In their adverts, sail lofts like to impress with the biggest sail they have produced in the most cutting edge material, the same goes for rigging companies, to give but two examples. It is up to the owners of Pocket Superyachts to translate how these companies are relevant for them. It can leave them to feel as if their order will not be substantial enough. One of our clients came to us after being rejected by a project management company that apologised for not getting involved with anything smaller than 44 meters.

Our services are fully geared towards Pocket Superyachts. Crewing and managing them requires it’s own approach that is different from conventional (!) Superyachts. We will post blogs in the future about companies who take pride in catering to Pocket Superyachts.

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