Coaching and support for Pocket Superyacht crew?

When you promise Pocket Superyacht owners “worry-free ownership” like we do, you can bet you’ll always be looking at how things can be improved.

Pocket Superyacht owners are generally new to employing professional yacht crew.

Pocket Superyachts are an entry level size for professional crew.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

This is where Invisible Crew comes in with mediation and soft-skills, expertise and consultancy.
We also help with logistics.

We have always advertised ourselves towards owners. However, not every owner understands the value of our offer. Many owners think they “just need crew” and that any further support is unnecessary. Or they like to take the hassle associated with ownership upon themselves. Unfortunately, these are often the owners who need us the most.

We are seeing an increasing demand from crew to involve us in the program they are already working on, because they do understand the benefits. So perhaps it is time for us to tailor a service that can be offered directly to crew?

Just this last week I had an inspiring conversation with an experienced Pocket Superyacht captain. He told me how he had to walk away from his last job… At the end of a first, successful season the owners had asked him and his partner to agree with not spending any money on uniforms. The real kick in the teeth was the proposed salary reduction of 500€ per crew member.
He continued saying that, if Invisible Crew would have been involved in the program, the situation could have been salvaged perhaps. This time it ended with a lose-lose situation for owner and crew.

He told me this after I shared the following thought with him:
It would make sense for crew to explain during an interview with an owner, that they work with the support of Invisible Crew. Not only do we make the life of that crew easier with our support, the owner’s minds can be put at ease that there is further back-up available in case something happens to their crew. This professional framework will make the crew more organised, confident and professional. If at that point -an issue such as described above, arises- we are in a position to mediate. This is what we have been doing for the past ten years and it has proven to increase longevity.

But mediation and trying to fix damaged relationships would not be the core of our offer. We could guide crew from beginning to end. From the start of the job hunt until professionally terminating a contract to take the next natural step up, and repeat.

We have a great amount of training material available that would make any Pocket Superyacht crew better at their job. It would also make them stand out during the interview and make their life easier once on the job!

It’s a concept we’ll continue to brainstorm about. All ideas and input are welcomed!