Why professional yacht crew couples are in demand on Pocket Superyachts.

Throughout the whole yachting industry jobs for professional yacht crew couples are highly coveted. Pocket Superyachts have always been my main interest within the industry. Therefore I found it confusing when other crew were telling me it is so hard to find a couple’s position. Of course the yachting industry has many different layers and faces, as I described in my blog: Pocket Superyachts and the yachting industry.

For owners of yachts between 50ft to 100ft who require someone to look after the technical side of the yacht, have it safely navigated and expect high standards of hospitality, professional yacht crew couples are the best option.

Job description: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Few jobs in the world are as versatile as looking after a Pocket Superyacht. A while ago, another Pocket Superyacht captain and I were jokingly confessing how we felt addressed by the expression “Jack of all trades, master of none”. However, I believe you have to be to do the job. The job description is pretty much endless. You have to understand meteorology, pumps, rigging, insurance, guest management, diesel engines, first aid, hydraulics, law, electrics, how to do dishes, how to manage budgets,… It goes on and on.

The versatile nature of the job requires all crew to work as a team. With overlapping job items nobody’s done until everybody is done.

Close quarters

Once I worked as a team with another experienced stew / cook when her husband (captain) broke a limb. Also, I have worked with another male chef on several occasions. I can assure you that working together, for long hours in a close quarters is a real personally test. You need to maintain a high level of open and honest communication. It helps if you like each other a lot.

Cabin arrangements

Professional yacht crew couples only take up one cabin. Pocket Superyachts don’t always have elaborate crew accommodation. In fact, the designated crew cabin on yachts under 80ft are not liveable, at least not permanently. This usually results in the crew taking up a guest cabin. For 2 male crew it is usually ok, though not ideal, to share a cabin. Things become really complicated if a male and female crew member, who are not a couple, have to share a cabin.professional-yacht-crew-couples

Harmony and happiness

Permanently living and working on yachts is intense. It’s not a job, it’s a life. And while the standard 4 weeks off may seem a lot to some, you don’t get to go home in the evenings or weekends. You are always (stuck) with your co-workers. So if that co worker is your life partner, your moments off will have more value. Rather than going to the bar, only to find someone and start a complicated, long distance relationship. You can enjoy the places the yacht is visiting… as a couple. The owner will benefit from this as well. Happier crew living in harmony!

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