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How we set up the ideal Pocket Superyacht Crew interview.

“The owner-crew relationship is the stuff for sociologists. The time they spend together can be intense (even in the most positive way).” 

Our experience has taught us how to set up the ideal Pocket Superyacht Crew Interview.

We provide our clients with as much info as possible about the candidate. We use our experience, specialised software and have developed our own candidate presentation profile.

The USP Profile allows our clients to gain a truthful and complete
impression of our candidates. Even usp-pocket-superyacht-crewbefore taking the time to interview them. The USP includes the candidates presentation video, work history, skills summary, personality description and answers to 8 important interview

Captains and Chief Stews have applauded this approach. It makes their recruitment process easier and faster. They avoid wasting time on pocket-superyacht-crew-interview-uspthe kind of interviews where it is apparent within minutes that the candidate is not suitable or may not even be interested.

The owners of the Pocket Superyachts we manage have been impressed by the way we present our candidates.

In most cases they require yacht crew couples. Our clients know that we are selecting excellence for them. They understand that this takes time. Our process is time efficient, not necessarily fast. It goes with our ethos of quality over quantity. From our initial selection the client picks 2 or 3 candidates.

Organising the Pocket Superyacht Crew interview:

Time efficiency is once again achieved where our clients don’t waste time on organising and setting up the interview as we do all of that for them. This may include booking flights and accommodation for the candidates or the client. The Pocket Superyacht owner, and his family, will be spending their valuable and intimate holiday-time in the presence of the crew. It is important that we take out sufficient time for both parties to get to know each other. The ideal Pocket Superyacht Crew interview takes place on board or at home. It includes the stew / cook or chef preparing a meal, pocket-superyacht-crew-interview-cookingdisplaying her or his cooking skills. This also allows the owners to experience how the couple works together to look after guests.

We make sure that both parties feel at ease to ask the questions they would like to see answered.

The owner-crew relationship is the stuff for sociologists. The time they spend together can be intense (even in the most positive way). The nature of the job, looking after guests, being responsible for the yacht and living on it full time (24/7) requires a certain mentality. This is why we aim to make the process as thorough as we can and although we are not miracle makers, both our clients and crews have picked the fruits of this approach.