Knowledge is Value.

Knowledge is power. It is power to choose better value. Many owners of Pocket Superyachts between 50 and 100ft step into their yachting adventure without the help of experts. Some do it because they haven’t found a company like Invisible Crew yet. But others are adverse to the extra monthly expense, despite it being marginal on the scale of the yacht’s running cost.

Of course, as in any line of work, hiring an expert saves more money than it costs. This was proven again last week when one of our clients, who are still building their yacht, presented us with a hefty quote they received for TV, satcom and data hardware and installation. To start off, the provider hadn’t really listened to what the client wants to achieve and the proposed system was complete overkill. Consequently, the appropriate solution was far more economical. And the difference in price… Well, It would buy 1,5 years of our services!

It is hard for owners, especially new owners, to find people they can trust in the industry. Many yachting related services and products are ridiculously expensive compared to traditional domestic equivalents. Sometimes it’s easy to understand why. Sometimes it is related to the complexity of the work. But sometimes… it is just because some companies know that they can always get enough clients who will pay a premium price. If those companies do indeed provide a premium service in return they will become established. However, in my 15 years in the industry I have seen quite a few companies come and go because they can’t own up to their promise and get burned. Which is sad because nobody wins. The company disappears, clients are left unhappy -and above all- they become suspicious!

Owning a yacht should be fun and we aim to safeguard the fun factor for our clients. But we feel it is very important for owners to be educated on the potential pitfalls of yacht ownership. We also want to make sure that they come in with realistic expectations.

Pocket Superyacht Podcast.

That is why we have started the Pocket Superyacht Podcast. Invisible Crew offers worry-free Pocket Superyacht ownership by selecting quality and compatible crew and supporting both the crew and owners with our expertise, soft-skills, logistical support and our network. And it is that network’s knowledge that we are tapping into when interviewing them for our podcast.

So far our guests have been brokers Anja Eckart from Flensburger Yacht Services and Ted Smith from Ancasta who discuss the effects of Covid19 on the charter and sales market. We interviewed surveyor Roland Perry about the newbuild process of (production) luxury yachts between 60 and 90ft. Angus Johnston from Ecoworks Marine explains how their environmentally friendly soaps were first tested on an iconic J Class. In the future we will interview more experts out of our network as well as CEO’s from yacht building companies as well as experienced owners.

Enter ”Pocket Superyacht” in the Spotify search function to find the podcast or click this link to go directly there!

We’re also on Google Podcasts, Breaker, RadioPublic and (my favourite!) Pocketcasts.