A busy winter’s on its way.

As a successful Med season is wrapping up we are starting to prepare for the winter. This will be very varied for us.

We have clients starting an active charter season in the Caribbean. We will travel to Granada to assist the new team with the startup of the new charter season in line with the experienced owner’s expectations. Introducing the crew to our code of practice and setting up a detailed maintenance plan.

Two others yachts have extensive maintenance works organised which we will project manage in Palma with our oreferred and trusted suppliers. These are technicians who know our client’s yachts and thus are familiar with its technical history. This contributes to the consistency in quality of the works and warranty.

We have also organised for a few other yachts to be laid up for a dormant winter in Croatia and Greece.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that 2 of our clients are expecting their brand new yachts to be commissioned in December and January! One is a Leopard 50 that will charter out of the Bahamas. The other one is a Lagoon Seventy8 that will operate between the Med and the Caribbean.

It has been awesome so far to feel the excitement of these clients during the specification of the yachts. These are both owners who are new to owning a crewed yacht and they have been very appreciative for the support and advice they have received so far.

It is so important for (new) Pocket Superyacht owners to be kept at bay from the pitfalls that we are all too familiar with but are entirely unknown to them.

Understanding the implications of operating as a commercial charter yacht on their private use is paramount.

The wrong flag registration can have serious financial consequences or imply safe manning requirements that rule out Yachtmasters experienced with 50-100ft yachts.

A crew contract that is set up incorrectly can deter quality crew from taking the job.

Setting up your itinerary incorrectly, especially during the warranty period, can lead to logistical nightmares.

Understanding which items from the order lists are must-haves, nice-to-haves or entirely up to personal preference, makes our clients feel more in control.

In general it is all about managing expectations. Yacht operations come with their own set of challenges and issues. Yacht owners should feel confident that their team handles these issues with a minimum of their involvement. At the same time they should feel that most of these problems are not uncommon and most of all, with our support, shouldn’t interrupt their program.

With 10 active contracts going we are always on the lookout for quality crew.

If you are interested in, and qualified to work on 50-100ft Pocket Superyachts, we want to hear from you via cv@invisiblecrew.com!

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