3 ways Invisible Crew professionalises operations on Pocket Superyachts.

Know your ship – a Shipload of info – the Ship’s show must go on!


Know your Ship:

On Pocket Superyachts there is so much to know. Most crewed luxury yachts under 24 meters are run by single captains or by couples, usually young and energetic people. They are solely responsible for all the different departments on board. That’s a tall order to fill! On a discussion in the Palma Yacht Crew Facebook Group, one Pocket Superyacht captain described the job in the most accurate way I have ever seen:


2% Boat handling / Navigation

25% Corrective Maintenance / Repairs

40% Preventive Maintenance

20% Psychology

10% International relations

3% Improvisation


The first 2% of the job can be learned through the Yachtmaster course.

The remaining 95% of required skills we teach with our online course www.howtofindworkonpocketsuperyachts.com with the aim of bringing improvisation down the inevitable 3%. In our module Mindset and Attitude we even cover how to deal with the stress that comes with improvising.


A Shipload of knowledge is usually what gets lost when one captain hands a yacht over to the next. The quality of the handover depends on


  1. how well the resigning captain records and communicates the particular things he know about the yacht.
  2. On how well the new captain receives and records the information.
  3. On how much time is allowed for the handover. And if the captain has to leave in an emergency or temporarily that time is usually very short.


With our Virtual Handover Tour we tie those 3 loose ends together. After capturing the yacht in a 360* virtual tour we add “points of interest” to every system or item that the captain wants to talk about in the handover. One click on the “point of interest” reveals the maintenance schedule, manual, even a tutorial video or any other required document.

If the captain needs to be replaced quickly he can hand this VR file over to the new captain together with the keys and the boat papers. It’s surprisingly affordable!


The Ship’s show must go on! Pocket Superyacht crew work under quite a lot of pressure to keep the yacht 100% operational, clean and presentable, to offer a high level of hospitality and then there’s all the paperwork.

More and more, we see truly professional yacht crew explaining the owners why they need to involve a management company. Supported by a professional and organised framework the crew can focus on the job on board while the management assists with registration, contracts, payments, providing (occasional) additional crew, warranty issues, maintenance planning, budget projection en expense reports and more.


They understand that a good management company acts as a teammate who supports them in achieving the best results for the owners and not as a top-heavy, controlling body.

What sets Invisible Crew apart from most management companies is a combination of two factors:

  1. We focus exclusively on 50-100ft yachts.
  2. We have first hand experience with operating 50-100ft yachts.


We’re always interested in your opinion on what can be done better in the world of the -100ft, crewed luxury yachts, so get in touch with us!


Article – The Islander Magazine November 2018


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